Farm Energy Tour

The Farm Energy Tour will take you north of Seattle to visit an anaerobic digester at Qualco Energy. Then we’ll stop at the sustainable farm, garden, community food center at 21 Acres where we will enjoy lunch. Note: The tour stop at Snoqualmie Ice Cream has been canceled.

Bus leaves from in front of the Motif at 8:30am and will return to the Motif by 4:00pm.

Be prepared to dress for the weather and wear shoes that can get dirty.

Farm Tour with Lunch – $45.oo


qualco-energyStop 1: Qualco Energy – Monroe, WA
A visit to Qualco Energy north of Seattle provides a look at a unique partnership between the Sno/Sky Agricultural Alliance, The Tulalip Tribes, and Northwest Chinook Recovery. Qualco operates an anaerobic digester located on a dairy farm and accepts manure as well as pre-consumer food waste to generate biogas. The gas is fed to an engine generator producing up to 450 kilowatts of electricity which is purchased by the Snohomish County PUD. The solid and liquid byproducts are used as compost and liquid fertilizer. This tour will take you to the reception pit where they receive the manure and food wastes, the anaerobic digester, the generator building where the gas is burned to create electricity, and the composting building. Please wear comfortable footwear that may get dirty!

CommunityGardenwebStop 2 & Lunch: 21 Acres – Woodinville, WA
The 21 Acres Center for Local Food and Sustainable Living in Woodinville is a nonprofit learning center and living laboratory focusing on organic agriculture, sustainable living and green building technologies. This community-based, bio-diverse, organic farmstead demonstrates highly productive, small scale, sustainable, organic farming practices that co-exist with protected wildlife habitat. It showcases the history of the land and preserves the agricultural heritage of the region with hiking trails, an apiary and an orchard in addition to the food production acreage. Tour the center’s many areas including the LEED Certified Platinum building which is fully integrated with the 21 Acres bio-diverse organic farm. On-site lunch provided.

Tour cost: $45.00