NEES Long-Term Home Planning

National Extension Energy Summit Long-Term Planning Committee Report

As follow-up to the First National Extension Energy Summit, held April 29 – May 1, 2013 in Fort Collins, CO, a long-term planning committee of Extension professionals has been meeting to develop organizational models for the future of the group. The purpose is to provide a framework and organizational structure for planning and hosting future Extension Energy Summits, and foster collaborations to enhance Extension energy education programs. Two organizational models are being presented at the 2015 National Extension Energy Summit for consideration. The committee believes each can be a viable option for the future of the group, but also realizes adoption of either will still require significant planning to put into place a leadership team and develop a strategic plan and operating guidelines to shape our future.

We ask that you read each of the documents linked below and then provide feedback to the long-term planning committee. There will be a session on Thursday afternoon in Seattle for presenting the models for discussion and a vote to determine which model will be pursued for the group.

Proposed organizational models are (hosted as read only on Google Drive):
ANREP (Association of Natural Resource Extension Professionals) Energy Initiative model
E3N (Extension Energy Education Network) model

After reading both models, please provide your comments. Comments will be shared anonymously (names and e-mail addresses removed) with the long-term planning committee, and sample comments may become part of discussions in Seattle. You may provide your name and e-mail if desired, and it would allow the committee chair to answer your questions or seek clarification of your comments.

Click here to access the online Feedback Form (powered by Google Forms)


Thank you in advance for your feedback!
Eric Romich (OH), chair
Milt Geiger (WY)
Sue Hawkins (VT)
Nora Haider (WA)
Chip Malone (NY)
Arthur Nash (AK)
Tim Prather (TN)
Patricia Townsend (WA)
Cary Weiner (CO)